TTB Roles

This page covers the current status of the conditions to my accepting the nomination to be Leader of Transition Town Berkhamsted for a third term from May 2014:

Current status: OK, I’ll accept the nomination, but need to work on the gaps

Officer’s nominations:

Leader / Chair: John Bell (conditional)
Secretary: Seb Beloe
Treasurer: Dan Blaney

People who have put their name forward as potential Chair from May 2015: Bex Plenderleith, supported by Emma Norrington, Danny Bonnett and Wendy Conian

People who have put themselves forward for the TTB roles for 2014/15:

Membership: (provisional) Claire Mistry
Website / Facebook Administrator: (provisional) Claire Mistry
Newsletter / Digest: (provisional) Bex Plenderleith
Communications / Forum: No-one
Grants & Funding: Emma Norrington
Publicity: Bex Plenderleith
Ashlyns Lectures Co-ordinator: (provisional) Bex Plenderleith
Planning Socials / Inner Transition: Emma Sherrington (socials), Jonathan & Lisa (inner transition)

Points of contact for the groups:

Energy: Seb Beloe
Food: Wendy Conian, Bex Plenderleith, Claire Mistry
Transport: Wendy Conian

Number of people committed to attending Green Drinks: 1  / 8

Number of people committed to using online forum: 2 / 10


9 thoughts on “TTB Roles

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  2. As agreed I am keen to lead the energy group particularly around the development of a community energy project. I am also happy to play the secretary role going forward! Who else is in!?

  3. I’m happy to be lead on transport and as I already sit on the steering group of the local food initiative (on behalf of sunnyside rather than ttb)I could do food also if had to. It would be better if it were someone else though I think…. Also, I have no capacity to start any new projects in either area as already fully committed….

  4. Sorry, that comment sounded a bit mealy mouthed….just trying to say, I can maintain the status quo situation but can’t really do more at the moment….

    • That’s great, thank you. Would be better if we can spread the load and have a separate contact for either of transport or food if possible – let me know if you think of someone else for either. Otherwise your offer to do both is very useful.

  5. Rightyo. I’ll over volunteer. I can do publicity and newsletter. I can do Ashlyns lectures but think it does take time up that I’d rather spend on an active project. If we can’t translate more people who come to becoming involved and active, is it worth it – as fascinating and inspiring as they are. Read the epilogue in mark’s book if you haven’t yet, brilliant and pro-active.

    I really want to start the local food- buying cooperative with claire. ( prompted. Y Bruce ‘s male challenge – though it worked!) so perhaps claire and I could go on food group and wendy stay busy where she is.

    I do have an ongoing health problem that may make it impossible for some of these roles to be fulfilled but we can cross that bridge if we come to it?!

    It’s a shame we are such a small group, but we have great potential, and like you day, we must grow


    • There are more involved than you think – hopefully they will all step forward so we are less stretched. One thing that organising the Transition Beds, Bucks, Herts conference has taught me is that there are a lot of communities all round the country doing this work. It will take time, but it is inevitable that society will move on from where it is now. There is no alternative.

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