Who’s Keeping Score?

You are!

Thank you to Ben Howard, who with the first comment on my opening post gave me an idea. The tagline for this blog is “John Bell vs Climate Change”, so I think we ought to keep score, don’t you?

To that end, I’ve set up two lists – one listing the differences I make, and the other listing all the impacts of climate change as they occur.

To do this properly, I’ll need your help. If you read about or experience an effect of climate change, then please comment on the Climate Change’s Score page. Similarly for any effects I make on climate change, directly or indirectly, please comment on the John Bell’s Score page. I’m getting quite excited about this, could be fun!

I’ll try to set things up so you can post entries really easily, via texting, e-mailing or twitter maybe – we’ll see what’s possible. I’ll also figure out how to display the score on the site somewhere as well.  Worth noting that I’m still working until valentine’s day, so am doing this in my spare time at the moment.

Effects of climate change include any sort of extreme weather event, droughts, sea level change, ocean acidification (leading to blanching of coral, for example), and lots more. There’s a lot to choose from. Can be anywhere in the world. There will be those who argue that you can’t link any particular extreme weather event to climate change directly, and they would be right – but we do know that the combination of the extra heat plus more moisture in the air meaning the air can hold more of the heat means that there is more energy for extreme weather – so any event will be more likely to have occurred due to climate change and will be more ferocious as well. So fair play climate change, you can have those.

As for my scoring events, I’ll post up where I make a change for the better – I’d like you to post up if you think there has been a benefit indirectly from something I’ve done. I’m looking forward to hearing what that might be!

Thoughts below as always.

John Bell,
Ordinary bloke


1 thought on “Who’s Keeping Score?

  1. Well, he may be a persistent opponent, but climate change hasn’t shown the balls or gumption to set up a blog in his spare time, so arguably you deserve the first score!

    Maybe this plugin can be tweaked a tad to show who’s winning?:

    If you set it to just show the category of the two scoring pages, and then edit the CSS file (or whatever it’s called) to display the word ‘votes’, not ‘comments’, then I think it will do what you want. However, a fancy-pants graph of sorts would be nice touch. There are a few voting plugins lurking around out there though, so maybe you can conjure up something better!.

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