Quick thought from my daughter

I thought I’d share some words from my daughter Maddie (aged 7).  It may sound as though she’s got this from me in some way, but I can honestly say that I had no involvement.  Other than to send her to a religious school because we wanted her to pick up strong moral teaching.  We’re not religious ourselves – as I’ve mentioned previously I’d describe myself as an active agnostic.

The children at her school were all asked to write a prayer for the harvest service at the local church.  Hers was selected as one that will be read out.

Without further ado, here’s over to Maddie:

Dear God

Help and raise enough money for Ethiopia to have more food.  Help all the farmers to collect more honey and let them have more equipment.

Sorry that we are not being fair enough.  We are working on it.  Please help the farmers to harvest their crops.


John & Maddie Bell,

Ordinary dad & extraordinary daughter


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