Quick thank you to government for making me happy

A quick post this one. Who would have thought it, but I do believe the Tories are making me happier.

I have just had an interview with a guy working for the Office of National Statistics. One of the sets of questions was about well-being, asking for scores out of 10 for how happy I was yesterday and that kind of thing. I’m looking forward to the day that we use a measure such as that to determine the health of the country rather than the blunt instrument that is GDP.

Anyway, I digress. One of the questions was to ask me on a scale of 1-10 whether I think I am doing the most worthwhile thing with my life. I confidently said “10” – nothing could be more important than securing the future of my family and the integrity of life on earth.

Later, while making myself a piece of honey on toast (thank you local bees via Cris Baker for the honey), I started to think about the question. If this well-being measure was being used to see how well a government is getting on, I’d be contributing to the Tories being able to say that people are getting happier. “Cheeky buggers” was my initial thought. It’s me that’s making me happy, not them – I’m happy and fulfilled in spite of them, not because.

Then I thought a bit more. Actually, I’d have nothing to strive for if the Tories weren’t so weak and being so short-termist and reactive to Daily Mail headlines.

It’s a bit of a odd, roundabout way of going about making me happier, but thank you Tories all the same.

I’d rather you sorted climate change out, though, if its all the same to you.


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