OK, I’m sold. Fracking = bad idea

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post comparing fracking, wind and nuclear as potential sources of domestic energy for the next few decades.  This video of Kevin Anderson has me pretty convinced now, that fracking is a bad idea.

At the time of writing the comparison post, I was not convinced – I thought a combination of all would probably be the way to go.  With the revelation that fracking would only really take off after 2020, when we need to be well on the way down the emissions lowering trajectory, I realise that fracking cannot form part of the energy mix if we are serious about keeping to a 2 degree or lower temperature rise.

Watch the video yourself, let me know what you think.

John Bell,

Ordinary Bloke


7 thoughts on “OK, I’m sold. Fracking = bad idea

  1. Thanks for that video clip. My opposition to fracking was beginning to waver before seeing this.

    • It was the “and quickly” that may have been key, i.e. replace coal quickly with gas. You’d get a reduction in emissions in that case. But, and there is a big but, if the coal is replaced with gas in a few years time; or the gas is additional rather than replacing coal; or the expectation is that the gas won’t be phased out itself within a few years, then emissions would be more than is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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