Here we go again, another press complaint

Encouraged by the results of my survey, I am embarking on another press complaint.  I know I said that press complaints appear to be very difficult to be upheld.  I also said I wouldn’t draw wild conclusions from the small, biased sample that my survey represents.  Hey ho.

The survey indicated that once you are over your denial of climate science, the amount of change you are willing to make to reduce your impact is correlated with how bad you think the outcomes will be.  Phew, that is a wild conclusion given the survey was unscientific, small and biased.  But it makes logical sense, so I’m running with it.

So, less contrary and inaccurate bilge in the press, less for people to hang their denial hats on, more chance of progress.  I’m not sure the logic follows either.

But, we’re going for it anyway, for the last time maybe.

The experiment this time is whether a clearly inaccurate statement gets retracted.

Thank you to Graham, who has both pointed out the article and done the research.  The target is an article in the Express in the UK by Leo KcKinstry, with the headline “Global warming is about hotter, drier weather … not flooding“.

There is an awful lot that is wrong about the article, but we decided to go for the two most obviously inaccurate statements.  The following is the first email to the Express:

Dear Sir/Madam
I would like please to draw your attention to two inaccuracies in the recent article “Global warming is about hotter, drier weather … not flooding” by Leo McInstry in the Express on 13 Feb.
I hope you will publish a correction?
Firstly, the headline is inaccurate.  Global warming is about flooding.  Please see the following extract from the IPCC report:
“Changes in many extreme climate events have been observed since about 1950. It is very likely that the number of cold days and nights has decreased and the number of warm days and nights has increased on the global scale. It is likely that the frequency of heat waves has increased in large parts of Europe, Asia and Australia. There are likely more land regions where the number of heavy precipitation events has increased than where it has decreased. The frequency or intensity of heavy precipitation events has likely increased in North America and Europe. In other continents, confidence in changes in heavy precipitationevents is at most medium.”
Secondly, the article states “In fact in the last century in Britain there were four winters with heavier rainfall”.  This is not true.

The UK has had the wettest winter (517.6mm of rain fall) since national records began in 1910, the Met Office has confirmed.

John, Graham


1 thought on “Here we go again, another press complaint

  1. No reply from the Express yet? Any chance of adding an objection to Mckinstry’s comment that wind turbines are useless when you forward the letter on to the PCC?

    This article is interesting.

    I wonder if you would have had a better result against the Telegragh had you complained now? But then maybe your complaint went a small way to changing their view, every little helps.


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