Metal in a field

Got a bit of news.  There are a lot of people who don’t like wind turbines.  They think they don’t look very good.  Generally I don’t like man-made things hanging around in natural surroundings either.Single Wind Turbine

The difficulty for me is comparing the alternatives.  Would I prefer to see a 170 tonne lump of metal in a field for 25 years?







Wind-Turbine-Major-Wind-FarmOr would I prefer that 750 times that weight of carbon dioxide* is added invisibly to the atmosphere, where it will remain for 500 years, due to coal being burnt in a power station?





Take your pick.

John Bell,

Ordinary Bloke

* Calculation is based on a Siemens SWT-2.3-101 turbine, which has a nominal power of 2.3 MW.  I used a wind speed calculation website to calculate the average ratio between annual kWh output and nominal power, of 3208.  From that I took 1% away to represent the average actual power output compared with sales figures.  Then multiplied that by the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per kWh of energy produced by burning coal.


6 thoughts on “Metal in a field

  1. Good one John. I’ve just got a reply from an MEP who believes that CO2 is a cooling agent!!!

  2. Well, CO2 is sometimes used as a coolant, say in nuclear power plants and some industries. Doesn’t change that its a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere though does it.

  3. Here is the email from Mike Nattress of “An Independence from Europe”. I also asked about his position on population.

    “I wonder if this answers your points.

    Global warming is happening but there is no evidence that CO2 is a factor. I have papers showing that it is a cooling agent and there are no plans to extend birth control as in many European Countries the birth rates are declining.

    We need to get out of the EU and are totally against privatisation. See the video.

    But it gets worse as the NHS is under threat following what we consider to be wrong privatisations of postal services, water, railways and even motorway roads. The cost is excessive and in many cases the service is failing.

    If you like the video please spread it.

    The link to send people is below

    Best wishes

    0121 333 7737

    • As Nick pointed out above, CO2 can be used as an industrial cooling agent, but that doesn’t mean that it is not also a greenhouse gas. In fact, if it were not a greenhouse gas, life would not have evolved on our planet. I wonder if it would be worth pointing this out to Mike so he can avoid embarrassing himself?

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