Special Post: If you swap to Ecotricity, I’ll buy 1/2 an acre of rainforest

This post is a bit different.  If you swap your energy supplier to Ecotricity*, I’ll donate £50 to the World Land Trust to buy half an acre of rainforest in South America, to protect it from loggers.

Why Ecotricity?  Because their prices are guaranteed to be lower than the Big Six; they have frozen their prices for 21 months; if they raise prices in the future, they guarantee to raise them by less than the Big Six.  How can they do that?  Because the electricity they generate is 100% green and they invest all of their profits in more renewable energy, including research into wave power and green gas plants – which means they are all but immune to changes in the global cost of fossil fuels.  And they guarantee to never use fracked gas.


Plus they are by far the best energy company for customer satisfaction.  They get an average of 0.51 complaints per 1000 customers, against the next best of 3.35 (Good Energy) and 19 to 30 for British Gas, Scottish Power, npower and EDF.

How am I able to make the offer?  Because they have made an offer to all of their customers: If I persuade you to swap to Ecotricity, they will give World Land Trust £30 and you will get £50 to spend at Ecotopia.

Why World Land Trust?  Because they are actively saving rainforests from destruction, which in the end is what I think should be our first priority as the human race.  On average there is roughly 1 species made extinct for every 10 acres destroyed, and 366 tons of carbon dioxide is released (that’s about the same amount as the average Brit is responsible for in their entire life).

I’ve just been on the phone to them, and they have confirmed there is no limit to the number of people who can take up this offer.  Woo hoo!  I’m not sure whether there is a time limit.  For terms and conditions, they say go to http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/ecotopia.

It’s easy to swap – either call them on 08000 302 302 or visit www.ecotricity.co.uk and quote this code: WLT1.  When you have done so, please comment below this post (preferable) or email me so I know how many vouchers to expect from Ecotricity (I’ll only donate for the money I save using vouchers I receive), and you can hold me to account to make sure I donate the right amount to World Land Trust (I’ll put proof of my donation up on this blog).

So, what are you waiting for!  Get on with it!  And share this post far and wide, to the corners of the UK (and beyond for info).

UPDATE!!  Ecotopia have said that they will give YOU £50 of vouchers AS WELL if you swap to Ecotricity using my code!  AARRAGGAHH!  Wow!

John Bell,

Ordinary Bloke

* I am looking to maximise the impact of this, so if you are already with Good Energy I’m afraid you are exempt.  They’re already great.  Also this is only available to people in the UK.


38 thoughts on “Special Post: If you swap to Ecotricity, I’ll buy 1/2 an acre of rainforest

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  2. I’m with Good Energy so I don’t qualify!
    Brought some LED 22mm bayonet light bulbs this week, much brighter than CFL’s and half the power.

  3. Hullo! Used your code, though wasn’t sure if it was still valid. Fingers crossed!
    Thanks & Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Fantastic, well done. £50 will be on its way to the World Land Trust. I get notified of people signing up, but do not get their contact details, so thank you for posting on here. Please let me know if you get your £50 voucher – if not I will chase.

  4. I’ve also signed up, this is great news and I am really pleased that my switch is doing even more good with the rainforest so well done!
    Not switching until the beginning of September as in a contract though.

    • Fantastic – please do let me know whether you get the £50 voucher, so I know all is working as it should. I’ve negotiated with Ecotricity so that now they will buy the £50 of rainforest directly with World Land Trust, rather than me needing to spend Ecotopia vouchers (I have too many!). Same result, so good.

  5. I just switched with your link – I was looking for a referral code, and I saw you were doing something extra special! 🙂

    • That’s brilliant, thank you. Please do let me know here if you get your vouchers – I want to make sure the whole process is working. I have had confirmation from World Land Trust that they are getting the cash.

  6. Hi John,

    Great idea – I’ve also signed up via this so £50 is going to the 1/2 acre of rainforest and I’ll be getting my ecotopia vouchers too soon.


      • Hi John,

        Got my vouchers recently – and trust the £50 has went to the World Land Trust.

        Again, what a fantastic idea – you should be very proud of yourself.


      • I’ve now managed to arrange for Ecotricity to send the £50 directly to World Land Trust, and keep getting receipts to show the money is going through, so looking good. I will actually follow-up with them to get a running total.

  7. Done! Had an email confirmation from Ecotricity conforming the direct donation too 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Hello, we were switching to Ecotricity and used your code. 🙂 A really nice idea, thanks 🙂

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