Show the Love

Hello everyone.  It has been a shamefully long time since I wrote anything on my blog, as I realised that simply writing it was taking a lot of my time, and I needed to prioritise time with my family, working on the business and actually getting on with the job of Transition.

Quick update below, but first to Valentine’s Day.  Transition Town Berkhamsted is a member of the Climate Coalition, which I’m sure I have mentioned before.  They are a group of 100+ organisations, from NUS to Christian Aid, WWF to Grandfathers Against Climate Change, RSPB to

Boy, are they getting organised, as the movement gears up to the Sustainable Development Goals in September and the international climate change agreement in Paris at the start of December.

It all starts with the video above, which I’d urge you to share around.  Let’s all #showthelove and put our hands up about what we care about, and is threatened by climate change, now and for future generations, here and abroad.

To show you care, download instructions as to how to make a tiny green heart, or make one of your own, and wear it.  And this Valentine, #showthelove by giving your loved ones a heart using this fantastic online tool.



PS – just found out that the credit for the photo in the banner goes to our very own Hannah Henderson, who is now working for Christian Aid.  Love you Hannah!  Great job.


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