Climate Change’s Score (15,148)

Leave a comment below describing a real, observed effect of climate change. This will register a score for Climate Change, so we can keep a tally of who’s winning, it or me.

Effects of climate change include any sort of extreme weather event, droughts, sea level change, ocean acidification (leading to blanching of coral, for example), and lots more. There’s a lot to choose from. Can be anywhere in the world. A generic description of something that climate change might be responsible for doesn’t cut it – it will need to be something that has really happened.

There will be those who argue that you can’t link any particular extreme weather event to climate change directly, and they would be right – but we do know that the combination of the extra heat plus more moisture in the air meaning the air can hold more of the heat means that there is more energy for extreme weather – so any event will be more likely to have occurred due to climate change and will be more ferocious as well. So fair play climate change, you can have those.


17 thoughts on “Climate Change’s Score (15,148)

  1. We have a drought here in New Zealand, the worst in 40 years. Government are talking about growing a drought resistant grass in high risk areas as they acknowledge that these conditions are probably going to become a regular thing.

  2. while the wind chill was -30 oF in the US Midwest and roads were unpassable with snow in Atlanta , Georgia,, Alaska was experiencing temperatures 40 oF above normal with rain. I understand that the UK has had a rainy winter and that the continent has been very warm this winter. One German colleague described a winter more appropriate for northern Florida. Talk about extreme weather!

  3. Since your post today draws attention to the fact that politicians are (quite reasonably) linking the recent floods to climate change, does that mean more points on the climate change side of the equation? If so it’s hard to know what number to pick, but “more than 5,000 properties flooded in the last two months” – – sounds fair to me.

  4. I don’t know whether this qualifies, but I have heard from several sources that change to local climate in Syria caused local agriculture to collapse. Farmers came to the cities, looking for help, but didn’t get any. They opposed the Assad regime, and the rest is history.
    On the radio someone commented recently about refugees from Africa, and added “and that’s before the climate refugees” it seems to me that many of them are already climate refugees!

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