John Bell’s Score (155)

To register a score for me, post a comment below, describing any direct or indirect impact that I make in the battle against climate change. I’ll post up where I make a change for the better – I’d like you to post up if you think there has been a benefit indirectly from something I’ve done. I’m looking forward to hearing what that might be!


23 thoughts on “John Bell’s Score (155)

  1. I enjoyed John’s rant about idling engines so much that I’ve started turning mine off at the lights. Feels a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic, but there you go. Can’t let climate change keep a clean sheet.

  2. Well, during the recent spell of colder weather (around 10 degrees outside) when all our neighbours turned the heating on, we discovered we can live quite comfortably at 16 degrees without the gas heating, provided we put an extra layer of warm clothing on.

  3. Erm yes actually, reading this reminds me to take a look out of the velux and check our pv hasn’t been blown away… 🙂

  4. John I’d like to give you a point for being part of a kids in transition** afternoon at Ashridge today where four families had some simple outdoor fun – nothing needed to be bought, no plastic wrapping, and part of getting all the kids to absorb the same values. Locally sourced food at the cafe and all within a mile or two of home. Nice one!
    (**suggestions welcome!)

  5. John I’d like to offer you my appreciation and 2 points:
    1) For the work we’ve been doing together Wednesday mornings, which in my book is the most real and substantial thing anyone can do. Interior, 1st person singular, all of us alone together.
    2) For your energy and imagination in the larger social/political/environmental work of TTB and the community project. TTB is very lucky to have you at the (democratic) helm.

  6. Hi John I award you 27 points one for each person who attended the Beds Bucks and Herts Transition workshop/conference today. Really useful and energising to find out about other related projects and I sense transition streets coming to Dacorum! Thanks for organising!

  7. I award you a point for your last year’s blog “The adventure begins” which I have only just read. It inspired me to send it to my contacts this week as I felt it was a good explanation from someone other than me, on why everyone needs to be involved in Transition. Thanks.
    Have also sent round the link on moving to Ecotricity and the vouchers, so I guess that’s 2 extra points to you and 1 for me for being with Good Energy already.:-)

  8. TEN points for successfully applying to host a transition roadshow as well as for keeping the blog rolling with intelligent honest postings. Catch up soon, cheers Rob (Tring)

  9. 100 points for leading the team that set up TTB’s Transitoin Roadshow with the founder of the Transition Network Rob Hopkins as keynote speaker. Amazing Job…really inspirational

  10. Among thousands of others, you attended the mass lobby. Don’t know whether you met your MP, but just adding to the numbers, and letting your MP know what you want will have made a difference.

  11. Hi John 1400 points for going on todays climate change march. Why 1400? because that is the proportion of people who went to those that didn’t. If that seems to arbitary then you can revise it, but think you should accept it. Plus the rap video is also great!

    • That does seem arbitrary, and a little high. Wouldn’t want to unfairly put climate change at a disadvantage. Why do you think turning up for the march deserves such reward?

      • Mostly because I watched the film Disruption with the kids on Saturday: Have you seen it? (Free to view and very well made: )It makes the point very clearly that effective political action needs to include getting bodies out on the streets for demonstrations. You went, and I didn’t! Imagine if it had been a million people how much that would have changed the political agenda? However to make it fairer to climate change lets make it a point for each hour that you spent away from home yesterday on the march. Good to stimulate some debate!

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