More success than I had

Following my attempt at persuading my MP to work behind the scenes to stop the proposed moratorium of onshore wind farms in the next Conservative manifesto, the excellent Graham has also written to his MP, Mike Penning.  I think Graham’s letter was better than mine, and the response was more favourable as well.  Do you fancy writing to your MP?

Graham’s letter:

Dear Mike
I was very disappointed to hear that the Conservatives are planning a moratorium on onshore wind farms from 2020, in next years election manifesto.
The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report calls for renewable energy production to be at least trebled and dominate world energy supplies by 2050.
Onshore wind will be cheaper than fossil fuels very shortly, which has given Ecotricity (who supply 40% of renewable energy) the confidence to freeze their electricity prices for 21 months, the longest period in the industry.
While there is local opposition to onshore wind, 60% of the country are in favour, and this figure can only increase with the latests warnings from the IPCC.
I do hope that you will oppose the planned onshore wind farm moratorium which would rob us of cheap energy and jobs in future years ?
I look forward to your reply
Yours sincerely
Graham Cox
And the reply:
Dear Graham
Many thanks for contacting me with your concerns over a possible moratorium on Onshore Wind Farms.
I can confirm that I am aware of residents concerns and have written to the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change on this.
I will of course be in touch as soon as I have his response.
Yours sincerely
Mike Penning
Well done, Graham.  Although, thinking about it, isn’t the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change a Liberal Democrat, and not Conservative?  How can he influence what the Tories put in their manifesto?
John Bell,
Ordinary Bloke