Rationality and climate change? Surely not.

Are you more rational than the next person?  I tend to think that climate change brings out the madness in people, but you lot seem rational.  The results of the survey show that the worse you think climate change is, the more you tend to actually do something about it.
Team JB Survey - My Response
That does make sense.  It’s while coming to terms with the existence of man-made climate change that people behave irrationally, going through the denial phase of accepting a change.  Once you have got over the denial phase, you are adapting to your new acceptance of the way the world works in a much more positive and forward-thinking manner.
Team JB Survey - My Response vs Scale So getting the 50% of Westerners over the hump, through the emotional barrier and into acceptance of man-made climate change could be key if we are to avoid disaster.  It doesn’t even need to be all of them, just the top few percent of emitters.  That’s those that fly once or more a year or earn £30K or more.

John Bell,

Ordinary bloke


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