Are you a muppet?

I’m now convinced of what needs to happen to avoid a terrible future.  Read on for my summary and why I think that future is almost assured, because you’re all idiots.

First up, climate change is happening and we are the cause (this time – yes, it has changed naturally in the past).

If we don’t sort it out fast, we’ll be living in a world with far fewer species and where our food supplies are diminishing, at the point in history when the world’s population is at its peak.  The hungry may just lay down and die.  They may not.

Something really should be done about it, or our idyllic, carefree lives will be ripped asunder, and our green and pleasant land will be no more.

Even if policies were such that we were to start a real decarbonisation now, it would take too long.
1-5% of the global population account for 40-60% of emissions.  The only way emissions can come down quickly enough is if that 1-5% change their habits drastically now.  The 1-5% are you and me.

But we are all addicted to carbon.  To kick our addiction, we will have to go through the emotional barrier of accepting that we have a problem and we do need to change.

So do you think the state should intervene and force you to change?  Or would that be an example of the nanny state – you should be trusted to do the right thing.  Or at least you should be trusted but only if you have a little chivvying along.

I don’t think you will, because I think you are all a bunch of muppets.  Prove me wrong.

I’ve found that my life is better after reducing my carbon emissions, so I’ll continue describing how I am doing.  It’s up to you to try to do the same.  Get help from your local Transition Town.  Let me know how you get along.

John Bell,

Ordinary bloke


1 thought on “Are you a muppet?

  1. I am not a muppet John but 99% of my friends and family are. And yes we need a cross party agreement to force change that would be very very unpopular. We may have to double the police force for a while!
    What could those changes be?
    Flying rationed to 1 flight every 2 years.
    No longer able to buy electrical appliances, phones and computers, only able to rent them so when they go wrong they are repaired – No you can`t have new one!!!!!!!
    Tell all car manufacturers to build cars below 1000cc but these cars would carry a very high annual road tax – farmers and key workers exempt.
    Gas and electric rationed to the point of being cut off if you exceed your allowance or maybe doubling the charge per KWh if you go over your limit. Elderly and disabled exempt.
    Free buses, free trains, free state owned bikes – so not a complete nightmare 🙂


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